The Connection

     The Connection is the community newsletter of Crossroads Missionary Church! We began this ministry in August of 2015 as a way to connect the people of Mendon and our surrounding area with each other– as a community- and let them know what is happening in our, schools, community organizations, and churches. We also relate everyday happenings around town. From what we have been hearing from you, our readers, we are being fairly successful at meeting those goals. We greatly appreciate all of the comments we receive from so many of you about our news and event stories, and also the helpful articles we publish on a variety of life issues and local interest. 

     The Connection continues to strive to be a true community newsletter, offering an open invitation to anyone in our community to submit original newsworthy and community interest items and photographs to the editorial staff for consideration. We know we cannot be everywhere and cover everything that happens, so we are relying on you, our readers, to let us know what is going on and to help us tell others about it. We always feel sad when we miss something important, but without more help from our readers we just can’t do it all. We continue to look for volunteer correspondents to provide news and photographs from various organizations in our community, or to just help us cover everything that goes on around town. If you are interested in learning how you could help us make this publication better, please call us. We would like to talk with you about how you can get involved.

     The Connection has been a big undertaking and requires a large financial commitment. Crossroads Missionary Church has taken on this project as a ministry to our community and continues to underwrite a majority of the expenses involved with publishing and distributing such a publication. We are also very grateful for the additional financial support we receive from area advertisers and from donations we receive from our readers.

     The Connection serves the communities of Mendon, Leonidas, Fishers Lake, Portage Lake, Kline’s Resort, River Run, Riverside, Nottawa, those living north of Centreville, and those on the east side of Three Rivers. It is distributed each month free of charge to over 3500 homes and businesses in our area by the U. S. Postal Service, with additional copies made available through local stores, schools, and churches.

     Thank you for all of your support and encouragement through the first six months of publishing The Connection. Together, we continue to build a stronger community in which to live, worship, do business, and educate the next generation.


Pastor Bryan Balasa,

Editor In Chief


Phone: 269-496-4305